Aim and objectives of CRC | Cancer Registy of Crete - Department of Social Medicine - University of Crete

Aim and objectives of CRC

The Cancer Registry of Crete (CRC) is a capacity aiming to suggest reliable preventive and management measures on cancer mortality and morbidity by monitoring the disease dynamics; founded in 1992 in Crete, Greece. It has been covering the whole regions of Crete since 1992; a population of around 622.913.
Other main objectives are to publish data on cancer mortality or morbidity, collaborate in setting methodological standards and creating an inventive research framework regarding data privacy, data-mining techniques and application of an integrated digital monitoring system.
Currently, under the support of the Region of Crete, it opened a prospective new framework of a new digital cancer monitoring system (CMS) and set the objectives for 2014, as follows.
Objectives for 2014:

  1. To continue data collection using the same sources of information, as in 1992
  2. To use international standards of disease classification (ICD10, ICD10 oncology 3rd edition)
  3. To develop and publish an annual report based on the mortality and morbidity data in relation to gender, age, stage of disease at diagnosis, place of residence, personal medical history and co morbidities.
  4. To use more sophisticated methods of analysis using dynamic systems, spatio-temporal modeling and models for forecasting future dispersion in time and space (interpolation prediction models, longitudinal analysis).